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Hey! You! The one reading this!

Have you ever wanted to date fictional characters made by some people you like watching?

Have you wanted to look deeper into each character's personality and lore?

Are you just simply looking for a visual novel with a linear storyline for each character?


Well, too bad.

Introducing "The Dating World of TFS," a fangame made by one person for TeamFourStar!

  • Featuring 5 characters, each with multiple "endings" and unique stories
    • Puddin, the Demon Demigoddess and Superheroine of Conton City
    • Dumplin, the Demon God Majin and Savior of Toki Toki City
    • LAKIGR, the Trainer who rebelled against his creators
    • TANTOR, the beefcake with only one word to say
    • Maqubi, the fedora-ed cyborg
  • Quarter-filled with references to other things
  • The little details that kind of matter, not really
  • Fanon stuff!
  • Condensed walls of text
  • Made entirely in Ren'py
  • Entirely a labor of love

1/14/2018 EDIT: AN UPDATE?!

Yeah, so... There's a new update.


Here's the stuff that'll be featured:

  • New sprites!
  • New minor details!
  • NEW TITLE SCREEN (Courtesy of @Runethe1412 on Twitter)
    • Play through the route of Flanny, a forgotten sister
  • And I guess that's it.



TFSFanProject-pc.zip 578 MB
TFSFanProject-mac.zip 561 MB

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